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Welcome to Divas, Passports & Stilettos.  We are a travel group open to any women, 35+ who are interested in travelling the World

About Us

Della's Background

Della A. Beaver. Helps you plan the perfect trip

Della A. Beaver is the owner of Fierce & Fabulous Wanderlust.

  Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away!  That is my philosophy and the reason I started my company.  Fierce  & Fabulous Wanderlust was born out my decision to get up and go see  the world; not just to visit the highlights, but to really discover  myself and to satisfy my taste for know, check things  off of the bucket list, experiences that  challenged me and make me step outside of my comfort zone. Whether solo  or in a group, I am committed to exploring the world and experiencing  those Moments that take my Breath away! 

Jennifer's Background

Jennifer Sharpe. Assists with women only travel for groups.

Jennifer Sharpe is the owner of The Sharpe Traveler.

  Travel has been my number one goal, my number one dream my entire  life. I try to ensure that my love of travel is evident in the joy and  pride I take in finding you the perfect location. As the owner of The  Sharpe Traveler, I draw upon my own extensive travel experiences to make  sure to match you with the best vacation for you and your loved ones. I am quite a passionate  world traveler, who favorite destination is always my next trip. I  caught the travel bug at a young age and have not stopped since. I have a  goal of touching a foot on every continent and dipping a toe in every  ocean before I die! I have been to three continents so far, with plans  already in place for two more.

As St. Augustine once said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

Divas, Passports & Stilettos

DP&S travel groups for women across the globe

  Divas, Passports & Stilettos is a travel group based out of  Philadelphia but open to any women, 35+ who are interested in traveling  both within the United States and around the World.  The company is owned and operated by The Sharpe Traveler and Fierce & Fabulous Wanderlust  (a joint venture between Jennifer Sharpe and Della A. Beaver) Our  concept is to create the group travel events around the world and host  them ourselves. Since we are a travel company we make the majority of  all the travel reservations, take all payments for travel, manage the  reservations and provide travel assistance before, during and after  travel.  


Planning a Group Trip? Let Us Help You!

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Divas, Passports & Stilettos

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